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JCV's combined face recognition and thermal imaging temperature measuring device enables the users to promote a safe and secure environment from the perspective of building access and employee health.

Enabling additional effective measures
appropriate to the current environment.

Check all entrants'
body temperature


Promote and, if necessary,  enforce face mask protocol

Instantly identify outliers for
additional screening

Product Features

Hands-free Temperature


・Instantly analyzes 110,592 facial temperature points

AI generates accurate temperature measurement to within ±0.3℃


Identify temperature and face mask protocol exceptions

Real-time alarm & push notification (e.g. access denied)

Mask-on Recognition

・Accurate - recognition rate > 85% even if wearing a face mask*

・Speedy - identify temperature & face in 0.5 sec from 
2m distance

Use Cases

with half bridge of the nose outside

Gate Mode
Portable Stand Mode
Fast and easy deployment for entrances and hallways
to ensure smooth access, temperature measurement,
and protocol compliance.
・Device easily connects to a display via HDMI

Enable real-time alert monitoring on display screen